Artwork & Rustic Furniture Collection


  • Hi Bonnie, May I please have your e-mail number so I can send you a few pics of where we have hung your beautiful pieces. We had an absolute ball on Sunday spending that little bit of time with you. You have such an evanescent spirit that exudes creative tranquility.

    Aleksandra, Perth
  • That looks fantastic Paul, couldn't have been better if I'd made it myself!

    Ada Oliver Pratt, Perth
  • Love your store by the way, how incredibly talented you are to make this gorgeous furniture out of the old boats, what stories they would tell if they could.

    Michelle Wells, Perth

Did you know?

Our furniture is unique

Our boat furniture are made of old teak fishing boats which have spent many years on the sea before getting made into furniture. The charm of reclaimed timber extends far beyond it being an intriguing display of natural art. It also minimizes the impact on the environment by steering clear of synthetic materials and making the best possible use of recycled materials. Our Vintage furniture are authentic historical pieces that have been restored to last. Every and every piece of our furniture has its own story to tell. If you are looking for a furniture store in Perth that offers furniture made with environmental sensitivity as well as character, then you are at the right place.

Our furniture is made to last
Teak has always been a prized material and is well known for its ability to ward off dry rot. They are commonly used to build patio and outdoor furniture. Our boat furniture are living examples of the longevity of teak wood - the old boats are collected from tropical islands in Indonesia and East Africa, such as Bali and Madagascar, sometimes even the Caribbeans, and made into rustic furniture that would last forever.
We make custom furniture to suit your request
We can help you design that unique piece of contemporary rustic furniture and are happy to help you with decorating advice.